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Royal Bardia National Park


The Royal Bardia National Park is situated in the mid-western Terai. It is close to the town of Nepalgunj, which has an airstrip and is served by daily flights from Kathmandu. Bardia is known for its more pristine wilderness and is far less crowded than its nearest rival Chitwan. The terrain is similar to that of Chitwan – forested hills and grassy flatlands cut by rivers. Where once Rana Maharajas hunted Royal Bengal tigers with gay abandon with visiting dignitaries, there is today a national park. The Royal Bardia National Park was gazetted in 1988 and ever since then thousands of tourists have visited each year. Bardia abounds in wildlife with more than 50 species of mammals which includes several species of deer, leopards, jungle cats, sloth bears, blue bulls, hyenas, wild boar, wild elephants and the two well-known endangered species; the Royal Bengal tiger and Greater one horned rhinoceros. More than 400 species of migratory birds have been sighted here. Some of them are endangered like the Bengal florican. Other birds found are the peacocks, many species of ducks, hawks, eagles, kingfishers, pratincoles, harriers, etc. The Karnali river is home to the much sought after mahseer game fish, gharial crocodiles and marsh muggers crocodile and the extremely endangered species, Gangetic dolphins. Other reptiles found are monitor lizards, pythons and many species of snakes like the cobra and vipers.

The major activities here as in Chitwan are jungle safari, bird watching, rafting and village walks. Safaris can be on elephant-back, jeep rides or even dug out canoes. Bird watching is best done on foot or rafting slowly down the river. The Tharu villages around Bardia are interesting for their culture especially during their festivals when they adorn colourful costumes that match their sparkling jewelry.

Getting There
Bardia is reached by either flying to Nepalgunj or by road. The park is two hours away from the airport and the highway goes right through the park. There are numerous lodges just outside the park that provide accommodation and food. Nepalgunj is 531km from Kathmandu and 12 hours by bus.

A trip to the national parks can be combined with a trek or a rafting trip adding more adventure and fun. The best time to visit the national parks in the terai is during late autumn and the winter months, ideally between October and March.

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