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Mountain Flight

Mountain flight in Nepal
You may have seen the most glorious views of the Himalayas from hilltops around the country, but there is nothing that quite compares to a view from the sky. Catch a mountain flight in the early hours of the morning before clouds obscure your view and then; only then will you see the true beauty and appreciate the immensity of this massive chain of snow-clad mountains. The view leaves one speechless. The hour-long flight over glistening glaciers and towering peaks will have you glued to the window. The enchanting bird’s eye-view of mountains from the sky is beyond one’s imagination. Barely a minute after take off, the gigantic peaks appear before you. First Gosaithan (Shisha Pangma) an 8,013m peak comes into view followed by Dorje Lhakpa (6,966m) and Phurbi Chyachu. Soon other peaks make their appearance one after the other: Gauri Shanker, Melungtse, Cho Oyu, etc.

On this excitement-filled flight, every seat is a window seat and the pilot and crew help you identify peaks. Maps distributed earlier show the mountain ranges seen as you fly. Each passenger is also given a chance to visit the cockpit and photograph the panoramic view that only the pilot enjoys. This is the best opportunity for photographers. The climax however, comes when the pilot announces the approach to Everest. The highest mountain in the world still commands great respect as the sudden excitement among the passengers stands testimony. A close view of the Everest is the highlight of the day.

The incredible beauty of the seemingly endless chain of mountains leaves one in awe of creation. This is one flight you cannot afford to miss.

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