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Mera Peak is yet another mountain in the famous Khumbu region. It is just south of Mt. Everest the highest peak in the world. The first to summit Mera Peak were Jimmy Roberts and Sen Tenzing who accomplished their feat on 20th May 1953. Since then many have followed in their footsteps and is one of the popular trekking peaks of Nepal. Lying in the Khumbu region, it is easily reached by initially flying to famous Lukla airport just as most heading for Everest Base Camp do. Some like to begin trekking from Jiri which lies on the route taken by Tenzing and Hillary during their epic climb of 1953. The drive to Jiri takes about 12 hours by bus and 8 hours by jeep.

Lukla has grown into a small settlement with new lodges coming up every year. Accommodation is no problem there. Soon after the airport the trek leads you through a forest and then a pass. After a day of hiking camp is set up at a place called Chutange.

The following day you will encounter some rocky terrain and a valley strewn with boulders until you reach Tuli Kharke. You will then walk through forests of Himalayan pine, birch and rhododendron until suddenly there is only alpine shrub. This is an indication of how high you have come. Next on the route is Tashing Ongma and beautiful pastures with scenes of grazing animals.

Setting up camp at Tangnag means you can enjoy the fabulous view of the surrounding peaks. A glacial lake named Sabai Tshe lies north from here. With the view of numerous peaks along the way, you move on to Dig Khare from Tangnag.

Here you will encounter the Hinku glacier and then the Shar glacier. Then climbing up you reach Khare where yet another glacier appears before you. The rest of the way you will be walking on ice and much depends on weather conditions and snowfall.

Snowfall particularly makes the going tougher. When mountainsides are covered in snow, the trip becomes a regular climb with the ever-present danger of hidden crevasses and difficult maneuvers. Finally the path drops down to the base camp at 5,300m.

It is quite possible to reach the summit and return to base camp the same day. But it all depends on weather conditions and how well the team is prepared. Mera has three summits: the North, South and Central summits. None of these are difficult climbs.

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