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Sight Seeing In Nepal : Kritipur


Once an independent kingdom, until King Prithvinarayan Shah conquered the valley, Kirtipur stands above the three cities of the valley. Perched on a hill, this town provides visitors with a fascinating view of the valley. Captured by the Gorkhali army in 1766, it was named Naskatipur ‘City of cut noses’ as the Shah king is said to have ordered the noses of all male adults be cut off. The name however did not outlive the King, as today it is only known as Kirtipur. The town is 5 km south- west of Kathmandu and the inhabitants are predominantly farmers. The other major occupation is weaving and the Kirtipur Cottage Industry is growing. Visitors can watch the old handlooms still in use in these parts of the world. Around the city, traces of what was once the enclosing wall can be seen. The town is full of delightful little temples, one of which is the Buddhist vihara known as Chilanchu Vihar. There are other monasteries surrounding it. Other interesting shrines are the three- tiered Uma Maheshwar temple, which houses the standing Shiva and Parvati. The swords and shields that once belonged to the defenders of the city can still be seen in the Bagh Bhairav temple. Far in the distance behind the sprawling capital city can be seen the majestic Himalayas.

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