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The Helambu trek has the closest starting points among the trekking regions. The trek also passes through many villages of diverse ethnic groups and is known for its fascinating landscapes.

The trek starts from Sundarijal, which is 11 km from Kathmandu (only an hourís drive). Helambu lies72 km north east of the capital and has many lovely Buddhist monasteries. You will come across the Yalmo people, a rare event and the cultural experience makes the trip worthwhile. The trek goes through light forests and provides great mountain views. It goes through Melamchigaon, a delightful little town with orchards and fields. The next place of importance is Tarke Gyang, which is across the Melamchi river. You can go on to the five sacred lakes called Panch Pokhari (panch=five and Pokhari=lake). It is also possible to cross the pass known as Ganja La (la = pass) and enter the Langtang area.

The trail leads down to warmer regions where you come across more Hindus unlike in the higher regions, which has more Buddhists. The normal trek from Kathmandu to Helambu and back takes eight days. A combined Helambu-Langtang trek takes about two weeks.

From Sundarijal you climb up to Chisopani on the first day. The Panoramic view from this little settlement is astounding. The Annapurnas to the Mountains of the Khumbu stretching from the west to the east, a string of seemingly endless chain of peaks is visible. From here you descend to Pati Bhanjyang. The 2nd day finds you in Khutumsang at 2470m and the next day Tharepati at 3490m is reached. On the 4th day, hike down to Malemchi Khola and climb up once again to picturesque Tarke Gyang at 2600m. Then it is down all the way to Kiul, which is even lower than Kathmandu in elevation. The 6th day brings you back to Pati Bhanjyang. Thereafter you find yourself backtracking to Kathmandu. The alternate route back is via the road head at Melamchi Bazaar from where buses are available to Banepa and back to Kathmandu along the Arniko highway.

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