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Sight Seeing In Nepal : Dakshinkali or Godavari



The Dakshinkali temple is known for the bloody sacrifices that literally paint the stone images red. It lies south of the Kathmandu valley on a mountainside and is dedicated to Goddess Kali, a manifestation of Goddess Durga, (the consort of Lord Shiva) in her dangerous form. She is usually depicted standing atop a demon wearing a garland of skulls and can only be appeased with blood sacrifices.

The temple is crowded on Saturdays as most devotees prefer this particular day and the road is usually choked with heavy traffic. Sacrificial animals come is various forms: goats, sheep, chicken, buffalo, ducks, etc. Tuesday is the other busy day for the temple priests and one of the important festivals is Dasain, the time when large amounts of sacrifices (usually severing of heads) take place and the image of Goddess Kali is barely seen through the coat of blood. Non-Hindus may visit the temple but the main compound is accessible only to Hindus. However visitors are allowed to shoot pictures of animal sacrifices at the temple.

Dakshinkali is less than an hour’s drive away by car but longer by bus (especially local buses) and traffic along this road on Saturdays and Tuesdays can be frustratingly slow. It is common practice for Nepalese people to go picnicking in the surrounding hillsides.

Royal Botanical Garden, Godavari Godavari lies at the edge of the valley and is a beautiful 40-minute drive from Kathmandu city. This is a very popular picnic spot among the Nepalese. A wide variety of flowers, trees and bushes of all kinds along with brooks and meadows make this not only a haven for birds but also a getaway for Kathmanduites. Godavari is one of the valley’s bird watching spots and Nepal’s endemic bird, the Spiny Babbler is a resident here. The area is also well known for it’s many species of butterflies. Nau and Panch Dhara Ponds are near by and a hike up the Phulchowki Hill (2,700m) is worthwhile both for the bird life as well as the view of the valley from the top. The garden has a large variety of flowers including many exotic species of orchids

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